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"The power of the Color" by the Christiane Vallé Gallery in Clermont Ferrand 

design, production: David Chabannes - ID'OKOM.

Photo credits: Georges Coulomb, Christiane Vallé Gallery.

The oil on canvas "Mas in a red field" reproduced on the front cover of Dominique Bastiani's novel "Quidam".

Ed. Ecodition Geneva. 2015.

"40 years of exhibitions at Château de Val "in Borg Les Orgues.

Catalog of the retrospective of summer exhibitions from 1974 to 2013 

René Chabannes Christiane Vallé Gallery in Clermont-Ferrand. 2014.

The oils on canvas "The bird mirror" and "Evening at the Estaque" reproduced in the book "The Blue Coast seen by painters".

Claude Darras. Ed. Gaussen in Marseille. 2012

"Regard on Georges Coulomb" Book published in 2010 whose photos were made by G. Coulomb,

the English translations being Claudine Warrender and Danielle Habert, graphic design F. Galim,

Impression Coloriage Marseille.

Oil on canvas "The quay of Liberty (Port-de-Bouc)" reproduced in first cover of the book by Charles Cretinon and Robert Strozzi "Port-de-Bouc, from the origins to the present day".

Ed Edisud. 2004.

The oil on canvas "The Hole" reproduced in the book "Port-de-Bouc, Pentagon, my neighborhood at the heart"

of the group Memory-Pentagon.

Ed. Alan Sutton. 2003.

With the assistance of the Christiane Vallé Gallery in Clermont-Ferrand, the painting "Tribute to Matisse" was reproduced in February 2001 in Photo cover of the magazine L'Espace Pictural, broadcast in France and Tunisia. 2001.

"Artists of the Year 2000". Editions France Sud. 2000

Art in all its forms (Painters and sculpers from Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur) Editions Fus-Art 1996

Art in all its forms (The creators of Bouches du Rhône)

Eitions Fusart. 1994

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